About Us

Ducklingcards was established in 2005 when a lifelong interest in creativity and design coincided with a great fascination with the market for greeting cards and a unique technical opportunity to produce the near-impossible. The result was a completely new way of conceiving greeting cards.
Why produce cards that get sent, read and thrown away when it is no more expensive to design cards that become small presents in themselves? Fine, intricate cards drawn by hand with a wealth of details and a finish that asks to be displayed on the mantelpiece, the bedside table or in the window sill.

New electronic media continue to appear, but a personal greeting remains much more intimate.

In designing our cards, we look for expressions that have a universal appeal and which - in all modesty - are just as pure and universal as Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tales. At the same time designs must have a level of detail that will make children gape and turn adults into children again.